Big Pop

Do you like popcorn? It not just pops your taste buds but also fascinates you to watch the popping kernels into the kettle. When a kernel especially big mushroom size kernel jumps into the air and change its appearance, the aroma and the popping sound comes from it, can make you hungry any time of the day. Mushroom Popcorn is best suited for making candied popcorns and other gourmet flavours since the round shape makes it easy for dipping in sugar and syrups. You need to try it out to believe how amazing it is!

Big Pop by Kitchenrama

Ever wonder how the popcorn vendors pop the perfect flavoured popcorn for every time? If you also want to try it for you, why not try our complete Big Pop Packing, which contains Big Pop Kernels, Seasoning and flavoured oil to get the perfect taste. You just need to pick your flavour and follow the instructions as given on the packing and prepare your flavoured gourmet popcorn in few minutes. The right set of ingredients have made it super easy to enjoy the fresh and hot popcorn anytime of the day and anywhere. You can use it at your home, your popcorn stall or for your popcorn business as well. We have packings for all requirements based on home and business purpose. So, get ready to enjoy the bigger size of popcorns dipped into your favourite flavour – ready to go pack.

How would You Recognize Mushroom Popcorn?

Big Pops are also called Mushroom Popcorns. Instead of regular “butterfly” shape, Mushroom popcorn has the ball-shape kernels. Generally, regular (butterfly) popcorn have almost 5% ball shape. When the kernel reached to 35-45% ball shapes, some growers considered it big pop. However, it is not true. A real big pop has more than or equal to 65% ball shape kernels. For commercial purpose, you should buy 80-90% ball shape kernels. Big pop kernels resulted into a large and round shaped popcorn, great to mix up with flavours.

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Written by Vikas Suri
Mr. Vikas Suri, the founder and CEO of Kitchenrama is a veteran in hospitality sector with over four decades of experience. He started his career in hospitality with Oberoi Hotels and moved on to a German firm selling Commercial Kitchen lines in India. Later, he joined WIMPY’s marketing division and established it as one of India’s first fast food chain. He then moved to the US where he got some valuable experience in selling Commercial kitchen equipments across the world. In 1996 he decided to move back to India and founded his first company. KITCHNRAMA, founded in 2003 is one of the foremost commercial kitchen equipment providers in the country today. Mr. Suri’s has spent years planning kitchens in hotels, restaurants, cinemas and catering units all across the world. His philosophy of achieving excellence through knowledge and honesty makes Kitchenrama what it is today – a company known to serve the best, to the best. His biggest asset is his never say die attitude and an insatiable appetite to grow…