Multichef – A Ventless Commercial Kitchen Oven with “No Microwave Technology”


The MultiChef is a high-speed/rapid cook oven, cutting the cooking time by up to 75%, all without the use of microwaves. Equipped with four separate timers and four standard cooking racks, it allows for cooking a variety of food simultaneously. The sealed cooking chamber allows MultiChef to operate without a hood and venting system.

What Makes Multichef the Best Cooking Solution?

The two great features of Multichef are Rotary Air Impingement® and No Microwave. Airflow in an air impingement oven is highly focused right on the product, allowing the heat to better penetrate the product and resulting in a significant reduction of overall bake time. This gives you a faster cooking experience and great taste quality.

Why Choose MultiChef?

It uses a unique combination of convection, direct infrared, and Rotary Air Impingement technology to allow high-speed cooking. means you can cook, toast, melt, bake and reheat items without sacrificing food quality.


There are several reasons to bring Multichef into your commercial Kitchen:

  1. Rapid Bake Technology:

You can prepare a number of food items mentioned below:

  • Sandwiches (heating & toasting)
  • Snack Items (finger foods, pre-processed heat & serve)
  • Starters
  • Pizzas – largely frozen pizzas
  • Breakfast Foods (French toast sticks, hashbrowns)
  • Prepared Foods
  • Pastries (baking and reheating)
  • Bread (PAR baked, FTO, RTU, Thaw & Serve)
  1. No Microwaves

It is the time to say goodbye to soggy crusts as when pizza or bread is reheated in the microwave, it gets soggy which spoils the taste. Unlike Microwave, Multichef bakes, toasts, melts and reheats without sacrificing food quality. No harmful microwaves are used in the cooking process so the food is healthy. Moreover, it allows you to open the oven and add more items while the first item continues to cook. No other microwave-assisted oven can offer this.

  1. Multi-Start with Independent Timers

Now you can prepare more food in less time. Because it does not use microwaves, you can open the door and add more food while the current food continues to cook, and hence it helps to increase customer experience.

  1. No Hoods, No Vent

You can save money as there is no vent and it makes easy installation and also it would save kitchen space.

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Mr. Vikas Suri
Founder and CEO of Kitchenrama