Fagor Combi Ovens – Designed to Make the Most of Every Commercial Kitchen

Combi OvensCombi Ovens is a three-in-one oven and is basically designed for HoReCa professionals or the restaurant industry who do not wish to forego any of the functions in their commercial kitchen. Bringing it to your restaurant kitchen, you can use this single appliance for all three types of cooking – convection, steam, and a combination of steam and convection. Thus replacing the need to separate steamer or convection ovens and hence save time, space, and money when it comes to professional food preparation.

Convection functionality is used to bake bread or roast meats. The steam function delicately poaches fish, steams rice, or cooks vegetables so they have the perfect texture. Both steam and convection can be used to work together for producing results that are moist and flavourful with minimal shrinkage.

About Fagor Combi Ovens

Established in 1960, the Fagor industry is recognized as a globally renowned manufacturer of Combi ovens. Throughout the years, Fagor has kept manufacturing both gas and electricity combi ovens. For commercial combi ovens, Fagor has launched the Advance generation which has one of the largest ranges of ovens on the market in terms of size and features.

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They are widely available with gas and electricity in all options and sizes. The series comes in five sizes for all three ranges of equipment and features: Advance Plus, Advance, and Advance Concept. You can select the right model based on your professional need. 

a) Fagor Advance Plus Combi Ovens

ADVANCE-PLUS commercial combi ovens are designed with the highest level of features in the market, thus obtaining the perfect balance between cooking quality, simplicity, efficiency, and safety.

Advance Plus series are available with electric and gas options. Let’s scroll a little more about Fagor ADVANCE-PLUS Series

(i) Fagor Electric Advance Plus Combi Ovens

This new range of electric combi ovens comes with a built-in operating control system and a touch-control screen. A chef can choose the required option from the given four cooking modes to add the perfect flavour to their dishes. Those cooking modes are steam, controlled steam, regeneration, and convection.

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Other than that, Fagor Electric ADVANCE-PLUS Combi Oven allows to operate in manual mode for custom cooking, the user may select the “Fagor Cooking” mode (Fagor-recommended or own recipes), or the “Fagor Easy” mode designed for those seeking an easy life. The required voltage for the Advance plus electric ovens is 230 V 3 / 400 V 3+N-50 Hz/60 Hz.

(ii) Fagor Gas Advance Plus Combi Ovens

Like Fagor Electric ADVANCE-PLUS Combi Ovens, Fagor Gas ADVANCE-PLUS Combi Ovens also comes with a built-in operating control system and a touch control screen. Four cooking modes – steam, controlled steam, regeneration, and convection are also there like electric combi ovens. It allows convection up to 300ºC.

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It also has the facility of manual cooking mode by selecting the option of Fagor Cooking mode. The required voltage for the Advance plus gas ovens is 230V 1+N-50 Hz- optional, 60 Hz.

(B) Fagor Advance Combi Ovens

Fagor ADVANCE commercial combi ovens are a complete food preparation solution for professionals who are seeking an affordable oven with advanced features, maintaining perfect results in terms of cooking quality, efficiency, and safety.

Fagor ADVANCE ovens come in both electric and gas variants. Let’s dig a little more:

(i) Fagor Electric Advance Combi Ovens

These ovens have the facility of operating a control system using buttons + “”Scroll””, and have 5 cooking ranges: steam, low-temperature steam, regeneration, combined, and convection (up to 300 ºC). A generator is used to produce the steam in these ovens.

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Fagor Electric Advance Combi Ovens – Kitchenrama

The required voltage for advanced electric ovens is 230 V 3 / 400 V 3+N-50 Hz/60 Hz.

(ii) Fagor Gas Advance Combi Ovens

Like Fagor ADVANCE electric series, these ovens also have an operating control system using buttons + “”Scroll””, and have 5 cooking ranges: steam, low-temperature steam, regeneration, combined, and convection (up to 300 ºC).

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Fagor Gas Advance Combi Ovens – Kitchenrama

The required voltage for the Advance gas ovens is 230V 1+N-50 Hz- optional, 60 Hz.

(C)Fagor Advance Concept Combi Ovens

Simple, Economical, Powerful, and Robust. These four words are all about advanced concept commercial combi ovens.

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Fagor Advance Concept Combi Ovens – Kitchenrama

Like ADVANCE –PLUS and ADVANCE range, the ADVANCE concept oven comes in two variants, which are discussed as under:

(i) Fagor Electric ADVANCE concept injection ovens:

Available multiple models can be differentiated based on power varies from 9.30 kW to 62.40 kW.

(ii) Fagor Gas ADVANCE concept injection ovens:

The ADVANCE CONCEPT gas convection ovens operate with dry heat at a maximum temperature of 300 ºC. They are equipped with cold down function and humidifier and are marketed with a built-in temperature probe. The required voltage for the Advance Concept gas ovens is 230V 1+N-50 Hz- optional, 60 Hz.


Fagor combi ovens come with its easy to operate instruction manual. Once you go through a proper demo or instruction from a professional, you can easily get it in your restaurant kitchen.

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To buy Fagor Combi Oven or to schedule your visit for a demo session or training, please connect with us at Kitchenrama (A Leading Commercial Kitchen Equipment Supplier in India/Asia) Experience Centre. We have a large range of commercial kitchen equipment meeting the need of every professional kitchen. Book your slot now for a live DEMO experience before making your purchase.

Benefits of Using Fagor Combi Ovens

With the Fagor combi oven, you can turn your restaurant kitchen into a place where flavors meet health with unbeatable aromatic food junction. However, it is just tremendous and we cannot list the ease of using Fagor combi ovens. You have to experience it yourself and can come to our training center at Kitchenrama for a LIVE experience as stated above.

Furthermore, let’s discuss some other benefits of using Fagor combi ovens in your commercial kitchen that are listed below:

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  • Enjoy perfect cooking with a continuous supply of steam. A must for hygienic and healthy food providers.
  • Temperature control, unbeatable flavor, and the most aromatic food for your customers.
  • Improved precisions for optimal results. They are simple and easy to use and hence temperature accuracy throughout the cooking process.
  • All functions are just a finger away. Moreover, they are sealed in glass so easy to clean and resistant to scratches along with repelling water and glass stains.
  • The ADVANCE PLUS operating system has endless functionality that allows cooking to be programmed automatically, creating, saving, importing, and exporting recipes and helping every day to be easier and more productive.
  • Comes with an automatic cleaning system for the cooking chamber in order to guarantee maximum hygiene.
  • Efficient consumption of energy, chemical products, and water.
  • Incorporate hand shower function along with the full auto clean process. Hence you can hand shower quickly rinses down and cleans the oven without the need to stop the oven when you don’t have the luxury of putting the Fagor combi oven to the full auto clean process.
  • It comes in both manual and programmable operating systems. So if your chef prefers to add his own flavor or customization to any dish, he or she can enter the temperatures, and cooking time, and load manually.
  • Available with five cooking methods including steam, low-temperature steaming, regeneration, combined, and convection. This added advantage means that the chef has more cooking options and this includes, including roasting, grilling, poaching, baking bread, and others.

The list of Accessories comes with Fagor Combi Ovens

It comes with a wide range of complements, accessories, and containers to facilitate the installation of the ovens, their use, and suitability for any type of food. Here is the important list:

  • Accessories for 0623 ovens
  • Accessories for 061 and 101 models
  • Specific accessories for 061 models
  • Specific accessories for 101 models
  • Accessories for 102 models
  • Accessories for 201 models
  • Accessories for 202 models
  • Gastronorm containers
  • Granite containers
  • Pastry containers
  • Special containers
  • Special grids
  • Cooking accessories

For sure, Fagor combi ovens are the need in every commercial kitchen. To get it for your kitchen, please contact us at Kitchenrama.

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