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Hoshizaki Back Bar Coolers

Are you low on storing drinks at your bar or restaurant? Is your refrigerator not powerful enough to chill your drinks and beverages? Well if it’s true, then you’re definitely losing your customers, which can be disastrous for your business as drinks are the life and soul of all bars and restaurants.

To keep your beer and other refreshments frosty and refreshing, introduce our new range of Hoshizaki Back Bar Coolers to your food ventures. These coolers are space and energy efficient. And usually comes with transparent doors that provide ease to the bartender for drink selection as per customer choice along with easy access.

 Why Hoshizaki Back Bar Coolers?

Displaying bottle or canned drinks makes a difference when it comes properly chilled to the right temperature. The Hoshizaki range of back bar coolers is simple yet highly effective as can be fitted to any space or corner of the restaurant.

Easy to operate with user-friendly features such as self-closing doors and easy reach to bartenders and maintenance areas – these units are tested to operate in tropical conditions of high ambient and lower energy norms.

Safety compliant as per IEC norms with Ingress Protection class IP24 – these units are available in various sizes of 2-door or 3-door units to suit various business demands.  Apart from this, they come with an option of economical, scratch-resistant black vinyl exteriors along with sleek stainless-steel cabinets, which not just give them a stylish look but also make them durable and space efficient.

A popular range of Hoshizaki Back Bar Cooler

1. RBW-95

  • 2 door refrigerator
  • 196 Liters
  • Dimension (mm):900wx545dx900h (with castors)
  • 4pcs shelf


  • 3 door refrigerator
  • 302 Liters
  • Dimension (mm):1350wx545dx900h (with castors)
  • 6pcs shelf

RBW-135What makes Hoshizaki Back Bar Cooler so perfect and popular?

  • Galvanized steel powder coated
  • Stylish wear-resistant black vinyl finish
  • Free-flowing airflow
  • Hot gas evaporation system
  • Available in Different Sizes
  • Portable and Easy Reallocation
  • Economical
  • Scratch Resistant

Why Hoshizaki?

HOSHIZAKI is the world’s largest manufacturer of Commercial Refrigerated Food Service Equipment with sales of over $2 billion selling customers in 60 nations. Let’s look at some features that make us the leader:

  •  Electronic Controls

Better temperature control, which keeps food fresh for a longer time, delayed evaporator fan prevents warm air from being distributed into the cabinet.

  • LED Display Light

Monitor the operation and performance of the refrigeration system. Also provide visual temperature and voltage alarms, along with LED interior lights with an on/off system.


Our products surpass the most stringent tests in the food service industry. Sustained Excellence Award winner in the year 2015,2016, and 2017.

So, are you ready to give your customers a reason to cheer up inside your bar or restaurant with Hoshizaki Back Bar Cooler? Contact us at Kitchenrama, a leading supplier of popular commercial kitchen equipment in India for the new range of Hoshizaki Back Bar Coolers.

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