How to choose the best Commercial Concession Equipment for business

Did you know that cotton candy, shaved ice, hot popcorn, hot dogs, and sandwiches can bring in up to 94% of a concession stand’s profits? So, if you want to start a business that will make you a lot of money, a concession stand is one of the best choices. Even though these foods are high in sugar and fat, people usually grab them anyway.

The best thing about concession food is that it costs very little to make and run, but it makes a lot of money. But in concession stands, other things besides high-profit margins will make you money. Choosing the right Commercial Concession Equipment in India is also essential as it helps in keeping up with the quality. You need to make sure that your concession stands have the right set of equipment so that you can make tasty food quickly and without any problems.

Stationary Concession Equipment

Stationary concessions can often store more items and use more significant equipment than their mobile counterparts because they are always in the same place. Some places that have permanent food vendors are movie theatres and sports arenas.

Food Storage

With the perks of having a permanent space, stationary concessions can use many of the same tools for storing food that you’d use in a regular kitchen. It comes down to which hookups for utilities are available and how much space you have.

Countertop Refrigeration Unit

These “mini” versions of regular refrigerators are great for concessions because they take up less space and are easy to get to.

Display Ice cream on the counter

Ice cream chests that fit on top of a counter are a great way to show off your ice cream while taking up as little space as possible.

Beer Taps

If your concession stand supplied by Concession Equipment Suppliers in India is allowed to sell alcohol, which is the case at many stadiums, you should buy simple beer taps and under-counter draught cooler systems.

Food Holding Cabinets

To get ready for rush hours and times with a lot of traffic, cook a lot of food and store it in hot food holding cabinets.

Full-Size Merchandiser

Buying a merchandiser for a concession stand with grab-and-go items can cut the amount of food you have to make all the time during busy times by a lot.

Preparation and Cooking Equipment

Permanent concessions can offer a broader range of foods because they have more room to store different kinds of food preparation equipment.


Cheesemelters, as their name suggests, use heating tubes to give off a gentle heat that is good for warming or melting cheese.


Choose a small model that can toast a few pieces at once or a model with a conveyor belt for times when you have a lot of guests.

Syrup Warmer

Great for hotels or food stands that sell sweet pastries, pancakes, waffles, or crepes!

Mobile Concession Equipment

Mobile concessions need to use equipment that can be hooked up to utilities wherever they are, and this type of concession usually uses smaller equipment that takes up less space. Mobile concessions include street vendors, food trucks, and people who sell food at carnivals or theme parks which need a permanent spot.

Food Storage

Most of the time, mobile concessions can get more supplies from the main storage area. Suppose there isn’t a more prominent location that serves as a “mothership” for the mobile concession unit. In that case, the owner will probably need to buy ingredients more often since space is limited in a mobile concession unit. Here are some storage units to think about, though:

Undercounter Refrigeration Unit

Built to keep things cool out of the way, these units can fit under your prep tables and hold only a few items that need to be kept cold. Some units have a strong top that can be used as a prep table.

Undercounter Ice Machine/Dispenser

The under-counter is both an ice maker and a place to store things. It can fit under most 40-inch-high counters. Many people choose an ice machine directly connected to a dispenser if there needs to be more room for a storage bin.

Countertop Display Unit

You can get these mini-units, an useful Concession Equipment in India that are just cold or hot, or you can get a pizza display unit, a popcorn and nacho merchandiser, or some other kind of speciality unit.

Cheese Warmer

Cheese warmers heat nacho cheese up to a safe temperature for eating and keep it at that temperature, so it’s easy to pour.

Mobile Condiment Cart

A mobile condiment cart is excellent for temporary concessions, like at a fair or carnival, where people can add their toppings without holding up the line for concessions.

Preparation and Cooking Equipment

The problem with food prep equipment in mobile concessions is similar to storage equipment. So, under-counter or countertop units that are small are best. When buying prep equipment, mobile units tend to keep two things in mind:

  • What do I do best? Most mobile concessions focus on one or two things, like funnel cake vendors, which will determine which unit (funnel cake fryer) will be more critical than others.
  • What units can be used to do more than one thing? To make the most of the space in mobile concessions stand, you need to be able to use it in different ways.

Countertop/Mini Combi-Oven

Even though these units can only hold a smaller number of sheet pans, they are usually the right size for mobile concessions that require a combi-oven unit.

Portable Sink

Even though sinks are not food prep units, they are still crucial for any food service business. Think about a portable sink if your business is on the go.

Mr. Vikas Suri
Founder and CEO of Kitchenrama