What is the Difference Between Gourmet Popcorn and Regular popcorn  

The holidays are a time for getting together with family and friends, giving gifts, and eating good food.

The National Confectioners Association says that more than 90% of Americans plan to give food gifts like candies and chocolate this holiday season. So, why not try something different and provide unique food gifts? Like, popcorn?

How is gourmet popcorn different from regular popcorn?

Gourmet popcorn is different from regular popcorn, which we usually eat with salt, cheese, or butter. It comes with extra seasonings and toppings that give it different tastes.

Gourmet popcorn tastes salty, sweet, spicy, or savoury, and everyone loves it. Gourmet popcorn comes in many flavours, from sweet and spicy to cinnamon and sugar. And since popcorn flavours change with the seasons, there are almost too many to choose from.

How do you make regular popcorn?

Popcorn is a corn kernel that puffs up and grows bigger when heated.

Butterfly popcorn is usually used to make regular popcorn. It is put in a kettle with oil, salt, and sugar and then heated. Because the water warms up so quickly, the kernels “pop” once the temperature reaches roughly 150 degrees Celsius. This is because the steam inside the kernel only has a little time to escape before the kernel bursts open.

How do you make Gourmet Popcorn?

Gourmet popcorn companies’ primary strategy is to develop new flavours. Gourmet popcorn makers are always looking for the next great taste by pushing the limits of flavour innovation. Some of the most unique and popular gourmet popcorn flavours are sweet (salted milk chocolate, caramel almond), spicy (siracha, jalapeno), and savoury (black truffle, goat’s cheese). And it is made by special Gourmet Popcorn Equipment in India. A big part of what makes popcorn “gourmet” is that the company that makes it is willing to push the limits and add new and exciting kinds to their line. 

What sets gourmet popcorn apart from regular popcorn

A Wide Range of Tastes

All companies that make gourmet-flavoured popcorn love to try adding new and exciting tastes to their products. You no longer have to choose between plain, buttered cheddar cheese or caramel popcorn. People who make gourmet popcorn constantly push the limits to find the next great flavour.

Some of the new popcorn flavours, like cinnamon and jalapeno, are spicy. Some tastes, like chocolate and almond pecan, are sweet. Some flavours are weird, one-time things that aren’t meant to last more than a season or two. A big part of what makes gourmet popcorn gourmet is that the people who make it are willing to push the envelope and add new and exciting popcorn to their line.

Building it was no easy feat

How gourmet-flavoured popcorn is put together may be its most important thing. How the corn is popped and how the flavour is added will have a significant effect on how the popcorn turns out.

The best and most efficient way to make tasty, fluffy popcorn is to use air and high heat. But it’s also essential to use good, natural popping corn of the highest quality. Most of the time, the toppings on gourmet-flavoured popcorn are added right after the popcorn has been popped. This ensures that the flavours and toppings will stick to the pizza as it cools. You have to know about Gourmet Popcorn Equipment Supplier in India to make it.

Gourmet is better for you

The nutritional value of gourmet, microwave, and store-bought popping corn may be the most significant difference. Microwaveable and store-bought popping corn are usually full of preservatives and have extra ingredients for cooking and flavour. Because of these ingredients, these kinds have more salt and sugar.

On the other hand, most gourmet varieties don’t add anything to the natural flavours. This means they have less salt and sugar, are high in fibre, and are a healthy snack. But you should always ensure the popcorn you buy is made from natural popping corn and benefits you and your family.

How a finished product looks and tastes

When making “regular” popcorn, companies often use a lot of automation to turn the corn into the finished product. Gourmet popcorn is made with more care than regular popcorn, which usually means it tastes and looks better. Parts of the process may need to be finished by hand to get the best results.

Marketing Strategy

The global popcorn market is in between health and indulgence. Many new popcorn companies are making products that encourage healthy snacking on the go instead of snacks that are more for fun.

Gourmet popcorn is sold in the “premium indulgence” sub-category of “snacks,” and it sometimes crosses over into the “candy” category as well.

People talk about gourmet popcorn, but people need help saying what it is. Gourmet popcorn and gourmet popcorn companies have some things in common, and some types of gourmet-flavoured popcorn are different from the rest.

Mr. Vikas Suri
Founder and CEO of Kitchenrama