Everyone loves popcorn! Whether young or old, men or women, kids or youth, it is the most favourite snack while enjoying a picnic, travelling, or watching a movie. Because of its popularity, it’s just impossible that you won’t find a single theatre, picnic spot or any crowdy place that sells this favourite snack.  Hence there are a lot of industrial popcorn machine manufacturers in India.

Being a huge fan of popcorn, just want to share some ideas to prepare industrial popcorn in this blog post. In some places, popped kernels are served just after re-heating the pre-popped corn. First and foremost, try to understand the fact that the puffed treats made in microwave ovens can’t be called as popcorn. One reason is that microwave energy heats the water. However, it pops kernels but the outcome is chewy, tough, and unworthy.

Going forward, please understand that kernels should not be made in hot air (Pressure cooker, microwave). This process allows the kernels to rob all of the moisture. Due to this, we get an outcome that is slightly scorched, brittle and incredibly dry. It could be of not using the oil as well in the popping process. Puffed corns starve for moisture and they take it from air and your mouth while keeping them aside.

Let’s understand what popcorn is?

It is a species of very specialized corn that is used to build snacks by roasting them in oil at a very high temperature until they pop out. Furthermore, popcorn is a natural product as it is grown in the plant. They are removed from the plant, cleaned, dried carefully, and packaged for sale without using any additives or preservatives. These kernels are used to puff the corns in the home or in industries. For commercial purpose, kernels are prepared in industrial popcorn machines.

What Goes into Perfect Popcorn?

perfect popcorn

Popcorn can be perfect only when it has high-quality ingredients and the proper commercial equipment to prepare it. Also, you may require some skills and experience too, but nobody can prepare good popcorn from bad ingredients. Although, there are also a lot of industrial popcorn machine manufacturers in India, yet you need to analyse them on the different basis and select the best as per your requirements.

How to Perfectly Prepare the Popcorn?

Ingredients are very important to prepare any of the items. A perfect combination of ingredients brings out the best taste if used the right way of cooking.


Oil is one of the major ingredients to add a flavour or taste in the puffed corns. Try to use oil that has no flavour or a flavour that complements the taste of corn. It must be thin enough at high temperature to evenly coat the kernels as they pop, just take care that at room temperature it doesn’t make a gooey mess at the time of eating.

Use a really high temperature of oil for cooking in excess of 500 degrees (Fahrenheit) without smoking, breaking down, or catching fire. You can use coconut oil or pure raw coconut oil if like its taste as it comes out best with the popcorn.


popcorn salt

The second important ingredient is salt. The traditional popcorn were filled with ordinary table salt. Most of us repeat same things when preparing them in the house, just sprinkle some salt above popcorn bowl and at last, we found all lefts in the bottom of a bowl. Moving ahead, use popcorn salt for commercial purpose. Popcorn salt is finely ground powder, which is stickier and clings to oil on surfaces of the kernels, ending up in your mouth only instead of the bowl. You can easily find a popcorn salt in some grocery stores with a name of “Popcorn salt”. Also, you can find flavoured and non-flavoured varieties. You can choose it as per your choice.


What if you have the finest ingredients but don’t have right commercial kitchen equipment to meet the requirement. It is equally important to use a commercial popcorn maker to enhance the flavours of popcorn or continuous supply of popcorns. There are lots of industrial popcorn machine manufacturer in India. select the best one based on your demands.


heating popcorn

To pop the corns bigger, fluffy, and beautifully; you may need to supply the heat evenly on all kernels at a right rate.

Steam Control

After getting popped, each kernel burst out the steam. Importantly, you need to keep away this steam quickly as steaming the popped kernels make them tough and chewy.

Finally, after done with the process, buy a good commercial popcorn maker that fits your requirements. Kitchenrama is one of leading suppliers of industrial popcorn machines in India. You may contact us here to know more about commercial popcorn maker.

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Written by Meenakshi Goyal
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