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Fagor Combi Ovens

Whether it is Steamed oven pasta or Steamed lean meat; the combi ovens have certainly replaced multiple cooking appliances. Initially, combi ovens were expensive and were less used by commercial restaurants or private households. With time, the popularity of the product influenced big companies to take an interest. Enriched with both manual and programmable operating systems these combi ovens support the needs and requirements of all types of users. Cook delicious and mouth-melting hot pizzas or hand-minced mouth-watering kebabs to a perfect shade. The Fagor combi ovens are versatile and are endured with a list of varied heating and pre-heating properties.

Multiple Recipes In One Oven

Healthy combi oven cooking resorts to steam-induced or steam-only cooking. There is a multitude of things one can cook in them. The temperature of these ovens can go to extreme heights, right from thirty to three hundred fifty degree Celsius. A wide range of lean meat like fish can be cooked in the combi oven.

With kebabs and aromatic Rogan josh being the best-prepared, one can also cook a range of other basic recipes like a mozzarella-enriched cheese pizza and succulent biryani with its rice steamed to perfection. The tender pieces of chicken are cooked with equal perfection and remain juicy.

Steams tend to retain more flavor and are not only savory but steamed cooking can and are also used to cook desserts like puddings and custards. Numerous Asian dishes can be made with ease namely koftas, idlis, seafood, dhoklas, and many other day-to-day recipes.

Colossal Production

The combi oven is designed to serve a large number of people within a short period of time. A number of major commercial food chains and topmost restaurants utilize the services of this oven in order to prepare food in large amounts. It takes three to five minutes for a pizza to bake and ten to fifteen for a lean meat preparation to be cooked to perfection.

They come in five different sizes which ensure varied performance on various platforms. There are separate ovens for households and for restaurants. These entire combi oven sizes come in various models, each model specializing in a separate technology.

Unbelievable Benefits Of The Ovens

There are various sets of advantages that ensure fagor combi ovens are highly user-friendly. A varied range of attractive advantages increases its potential

  • Healthy methods of preparations, without the use of oil or fat
  • Fewer kitchen appliances required saving money
  • Saves spaces in the kitchen
  • Self-cleaning
  • Minimum requirement of staff
  • Minimum cooking time
  • Cooking the maximum range of dishes
  • Super steam, convection cooking, and steamer
  • Reduction in the cost of labor
  • Self-cleaning

Apart from these benefits, there are numerous health advantages of Fagor combi ovens, these are namely

  • Preserving essential nutrients
  • Protects vitamins and minerals to quite an extent
  • Flavour remains identical on diverse containers

Fagor combi ovens are cooking assistants for your commercial space or households. The advanced features and affordable prices will undoubtedly attract you. Whether you are, a professional chef or a cook; the online services have a range of ovens to choose from. Please visit our Kitchenrama page for more details

Mr. Vikas Suri
Founder and CEO of Kitchenrama