Top 10 Upcoming Food Trends of 2019

Food is a vast industry that has gone through myriad changes in recent times. The trends are changing constantly fitting the needs of individual interests. Thus, it necessitates restaurants, chefs and others belonging to the food industry be up-to-date with all the innovations, services, and methodologies.

Let’s get an overview of the changes that 2018 witnessed and what is kept in store for the coming year.

  • Delivery to Public Places.

Delivering food to houses is a common sight in cities. Considering its time-consuming aspect and cost-effectiveness, many restaurants and food joints opted to deliver food to open locations like parks, halls, etc.

  • Digital Menu Boards

Technology has eased a lot of things. The latest in the brigade are digital menu boards that opportune owners of restaurants change their menu and offer variety to customers. They can also add on special cuisines and adjust prices periodically, lower prices to entice people, and hike for upscaling profits.

  • Mobile POS

Going the digital way, Mobile POS systems are used as cash registers. The mPOS systems turned popular for business that offers security, and convenience using the built-in software for keeping accounting records.

  • Health and Wellness Food

The present gen is very cautious about fitness and thus 2018 witnessed a surge in health and wellness food like Adaptogens. These foods are known for relieving stress, boosting energy, and making one feel relaxed. Considering this, one can look forward to the entry of more probiotic and fermented food in the likes of Kimchi and others at restaurants.

  • Healthy Grab-to-Go Stores

It is no secret that food at restaurants costs a bomb. Hence, many opted for ready-to-grab pre-made meals from gas stations and grocery stores. Thus, these concepts are giving restaurants a run for their money.

  • Incentives for Dining Out

Considering the need of youngsters, businesses brought about incentives for dining out facilitating coupons with discounts at orders and dining at stores.

  • Discount

Many restaurants and food joints started to offer discounts on their orders. For example – Order through Mobile apps and win a cashback of up to 30% on every order.

  • Zero Waste

Food is the ultimate pleasure. Every individual slogs day and night just for satiating their hunger. Thus, the importance to respect food and not waste it many restaurants produced less waste and recycled the same. Zero-waste kitchens have become a common sight for coming up with innovative ways to use every part of the food and stop climate change.

  • Delivery Only Kitchen

More outlets turned from eating outlets to take-home delivery outlets which delivered only prepared food from the kitchen.

  • Veggies-focused Dishes and Protein Alternatives

2018 saw many lifestyle changes. There were vegans, eco-friendly food, and vegetarianism with people leaving behind meats. And with this, the concentration shifted from protein-rich dishes like plant milk, insect protein, and much more.

The increasing competition between the food industry and the changing demand of consumers showcased gradual ups and downs in the graph. It is all set to watch what is kept in store for the coming year for the food industry.

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Mr. Vikas Suri
Founder and CEO of Kitchenrama