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Skillfit Training

To win a business, you need to win your customers. In the HoReCa industry, customer service is the biggest thing. Your success always starts with trained work resources. A trained crew, chef, service staff or operational manager will make your customer happy and keep them delighted. If you want to grow your sales, you need to consider orientation and education for your staff members to train them in the right way.

What is Skillfit Training?

Skillfit provides a selection of consulting & assessment services for small, medium & large-sized companies in the hospitality & retail industry. It provides highly-customized solutions based on individual client needs designed to deliver day-to-day competencies as well as a long-term strategic edge.

Core Divisions of Skillfit Training Program

Recruitment – pre-screening, reference checks
Training – customizable, traditional, bespoke
Framework – organizational structure, documentation & process
Operation audits – unbiased checks, experienced auditors, a front of the house & back of the house

Skillfit Training Your employees can be your biggest strength if provided with the right guidance and on-the-job training skills. With the right Skillfit training, you can win your customers and grow your sales like never before.

Our Core Services:

1. Providing HR Placements:

Providing HR PlacementsThe core of every organization lies in its people. During Skillfit training, we identify the importance of the right talent from across the hospitality industry, trying to get the most skilled and reliable applicants/employees. We closely work by providing advice and support to our clients through each stage of the recruitment process.

Our recruitment services:

• Hospitality & Retail Industry
• Due Diligence and Validation
• Relevance and Role Fitness
• Competitive Pricing Model
• Replacement Guarantees
• Quick Service

2. Providing Training:

Providing TrainingThis strategic investment is in the business’s biggest asset, the employees. Furthermore, developmental training is no longer an option; it’s a business necessity. It will optimize your employees’ potential, improve performance and positively impact the organization’s bottom line.

Our Training Services:

• Detailed Service Training
• Hygiene Compliance
• Leadership & Team Management
• Induction & Orientation
• Integrity & Etiquette
• Motivation Programs

3. Writing SOP’s:

Writing SOP’sAn organized business is an efficient business. By building the right hierarchy structure with clear key responsibilities and through rigorous checks & balances, you can keep your organization aligned.  The SOP provides a supporting structure to aid documentation & process reporting guidelines, performance measurement parameters, and target-driven growth for all Key Result Areas.

Framework training consists:

• Ensure adherence to quality
• Streamlines the business
• Creates consistency with laid down procedures
• Improves Delegation
• Creates Motivation & Satisfaction
• Increase productivity & efficiency
• Lower iteration Rate
• Provides Transparency
• Ease of Information Dissemination
• Ensures business continuity
• Facilitate Business Growth
• Standardization for quick implementation

4. Helping in Operation Audits:

Helping in Operation AuditsPowered by a team of accredited and seasoned hospitality professionals – a series of audits in the food & hospitality industry, which can further be flexibly tailored to target and highlight grey areas if any. We evaluate all procedures and systems, standards of operations, guest and employee experience, food and beverage quality and service, the price versus value relationships, and execution of company standards & management.

Collaborate With Us to Bring a Trainer on Board:

Skillfit provides the best of industry training and a competitive edge to enhance the skill set of your staff for future roles. Our training includes soft skill training in the HoReCa industry by trainers with more than 20 years of experience.

Have a program in mind – we can assist in setting the training modules and conduct the training process as per your guidelines and requirements.

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