Why Safety and Compliance are Necessary for Your Commercial Kitchen Equipment?

No matter whether you are running a small restaurant or a 5 Star Hotel, you just cannot ignore Safety and Compliance guidelines in your commercial kitchen. It is as important as any other part of your business. We all know that a commercial kitchen is a very busy place with the conundrum of people running around using different commercial machines all at the same time. This high-intensity and high pace environment can easily be prone to accidents.

If your kitchen does not have certified products with safety features then things can go wrong, which may result in loss of equipment, business, reputation, and in some cases loss of life. Products like deep-fat fryers, mincers, steamers, and dough kneading machines are convenient but sometimes can cause horrible accidents that can be life-threatening too, putting your team at severe risk.

Recently, an article was published in ‘Indian Express’ about a woman who lost her life in Pune after her dupatta got stuck in a dough-kneading machine. This incident happened when she was working with the dough kneading machine in a commercial kitchen, her dupatta got badly stuck to the equipment and she was pulled so fiercely towards the machine, causing a brutal head injury. Had there been a safety alarm feature in the dough machine, the equipment would have automatically paused when it touched the dupatta.

All commercial equipment that requires human handling should carry detailed guidelines that need to be checked regularly to avoid such horrid incidences. Ignoring Safety and Compliance not only threatens your team but also can cause colossal damage to your business. After such incidents your restaurant’s reputation will definitely be affected, causing mistrust among workers and customers. All your hard work and investment may go in vain due to a lack of diligence at your end.

To avoid such disasters, you don’t need major changes. All you need to do is ensure that you use products, which are certified by the safety & compliance board and carry the right kind of safety features. Make a checklist of operating instructions and those features, and carefully implement it among the staff and at your premises. Place it within reach of every worker so that they can refer to it anytime.

One of the best places to buy certified safety and compliance products is Kitchenrama, a leading commercial kitchen equipment supplier in India and globally. Our team of professionals has over 20 years of experience in setting up and installing some of the most popular commercial kitchens by following all safety compliance.

Based on space, we ensure that the correct appliances are used to make cooking both easier and safer. If you are unsure of your kitchen equipment, begin with a safety and compliance assessment. Put safety as a priority for you, your equipment, and your business. This Risk Assessment will give you an idea of what it may cost you if an accident like Pune happens at your facility.

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Meenakshi Goyal
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