Questions to Ask Before Buying Pizza Ovens

The most popular food on Earth is made from the right amounts of flour, sauce, cheese, and heat. Two of the world’s ten largest fast-food chains are small pizza shops or restaurants. The pizza business in the country is doing very well. Making pizza at home is no longer the notoriously hard task it used to be.

With your pizza oven by your side, you and your family can eat healthy food whenever you want. At home, it’s hard to get the perfect charred crust and bubbly mozzarella because you need the right tools. Most grills can’t even get hot enough to bake a pie perfectly.

To do this, you need a solid business plan, the right skills, and all the information you need to know before you buy one. So, suppose you want to start a small pizzeria, add pizza ovens to the menu of your regular restaurant or café, or spend time with your family eating pizza and talking by your backyard pizza oven. In that case, you’re on the right track.

What to Think About Before Buying the Best Pizza Oven

Which Pizza Oven Size/Type Is The Best?

Your first thought will probably be about what size oven you need to buy. It is also the most important one! If you buy the wrong size, you might need help installing it later. Invest in a pizza oven that will only take up a little space in your restaurant’s kitchen.

But the question is, what size pizza oven is best for your restaurant? Think about how many pizzas you expect to be delivered at peak times when choosing the size of your commercial pizza oven.

How does it work, and what are its settings?

When your restaurant’s menu has a lot of different items, it’s essential to think about how much control you have over your pizza oven. You get many other food orders, and each one needs to be cooked at a different temperature and in another way. Rather than buying a basic model, buying a commercial pizza oven with controls and changeable settings makes sense.

Some things must be done with brick or wood-fired pizza ovens, like setting up the wood trays, putting in wood pellets, closing and opening the doors by hand, etc. You can’t change the temperature around here. It makes it hard to keep the temperature inside the same.

Because of this, conveyor ovens are helpful because they have a steady fan speed, even heat, and airflow on the sides, letting you control how crispy and even you want the pizza base to be.

What kind of fuel is it?

You also need to think about what kind of fuel your commercial pizza oven will use. But as a restaurant owner, you would want to choose an option that costs less. No matter what energy you use, make sure it is easy to get to the area where you make things.

Electric or gas ovens have several advantages over ranges that run on charcoal or wood. Wood-fired pizza ovens usually use 12–15 kg of wood per hour, so Make sure to refill the wood trays constantly to keep things moving. That seems like a lot of work, so it makes sense to get the more accessible option for your restaurant’s kitchen.

What is the oven’s power, and how well does it work?

With potent burners and a steady temperature, the best commercial pizza ovens make the highest-quality food. When a range can get to a higher temperature in less time, it makes a strong cooking chamber perfect for making pizza.

This fast-heating system ensures that your pizza has charred spots on the crust and an authentic smoky taste. No one wants food burned outside but still raw in the middle.

It is just as important to cook food evenly as it is to cook it quickly, especially when there are a lot of orders. To keep the quality profile checked, you’ll need to ensure every item is cooked the same way. If your restaurant has hectic times and some slow nights, you should buy a two-chamber appliance, so you don’t have to run two or more ovens.

How to clean and keep a pizza oven in good shape?

It would help if you only bought commercial appliances that are easy to clean and keep up. It keeps you from having to spend hours doing the job yourself! If you use pizza ovens for business, you should do the same.

In commercial cooking, you must take care of a long list of orders in one day. Your ovens have sauce spills, burnt spots, and ashes. To keep the standards of cleanliness and quality, you’ll need an easy range to clean immediately.

Most commercial pizza ovens today have doors that can’t catch fire and cooking surfaces that don’t stick. They also have parts that can be taken off, making them easy to clean. Some companies sell cleaning tools like cleaners, brushes, and mopping cloths. You can quickly get rid of dirt. When you wash your ovens at regular intervals, they will last longer and help your business succeed.

Buying a pizza oven is a sure way to make your kitchen run more smoothly, whether it’s for personal or business use. It is why taking the time to find the right product is well worth it.

Mr. Vikas Suri
Founder and CEO of Kitchenrama