Prepare Your Pizza in Just 120 Sec with Kitchenrama Speed Pizza Oven for Your Food Business

Pizza Oven

Speed Pizza Oven – Did you know at least 83% of consumers eat pizza at least once per month (a report by Technomic study)? Internationally, pizzerias are thriving, with a five-year forecasted growth rate of 10.7%. These stats clearly indicate that the pizza business is a new opportunity for entrepreneurs.

One reason for its popularity is that it’s easy to start and you can prepare a pizza at a very low cost – less than 25% of the menu cost. Also, there are very good pizza ovens available in the market that will cut down you’re making costs along with delicious flavors just like Speed Pizza newly launched by Kitchenrama, a leading name of commercial kitchen equipment supplier in India.

You will be amazed to know that with Speed Pizza or also named Quick Pizza, you can cook your pizza in just 120 seconds. Before going deeper into this quick pizza oven, let’s take a look at the growth of the world pizza market in the below image:

Speed Pizza by Kitchenrama

Getting the right pizza oven would be the first thing definitely for those entrepreneurs who don’t stop beyond success. Things like cooking time, volume, space, fuel source, and taste are all things to consider when choosing a pizza oven for any food service space. And Speed Pizza by Kitchenrama is just perfect to cook all thin dough products like Pizza, Sandwich bread, Kulchas, and more with minimal energy use.

Speed Pizza Oven
Speed Pizza Oven

Let’s explore a few details that go into buying this best commercial pizza oven for your business.

Dimensions of Speed Pizza Oven

The size of the SPEEDPIZZA furnace is 498 x 401 x 278 mm, its weight is 12.4 kg. Its dimensions make it easy to put on almost any work surface. The other thing which makes it essential for every restaurant kitchen is that it can work even from a network of 230 V / 50 Hz 16 A, which is considered very low energy consumption to prepare a pizza for the final outcome.

Some Other Reasons to Get Speed Pizza over Others

Let’s take a look at a few reasons which make it so popular and the choice of every food business owner:

  1. It doesn’t require ventilation. Yes, you heard it right. In metro cities like Delhi, and Mumbai where space is getting so small, getting a ventilated kitchen is just a problem. For your kitchen and customers’ safety, you are prescribed to have a ventilated kitchen. However, with Kitchenrama Speed Pizza you don’t need to worry. You can cook through it in any kind of space.
  2. It’s very easy to operate. With clear instructions and a live demo experience, you can be well-versed on how to go with it.
  3. Preheat time of Speed Pizza is just 15 minutes. It takes just 15 minutes to heat the hearth at a temperature of 300 °.
  4. You can cook your pizza between 90 to 150 seconds depending on your recipe. Even before you will think it, your pizza will be in front of you to serve your customers, so no more waiting time for your customers.
  5. You can work continuously without shutting it off for a day.
  6. It allows you to use any state of your raw product whether raw, fresh or frozen.
  7. This oven allows you to get excellent quality of the finished product.

So Hot, So Fast, So Delicious….

It’s much faster than you can imagine.  As already said it can prepare your dish between 90 to 150 seconds after getting heated. So basically, you can cook a pizza in just 120 seconds with great taste. Its low energy consumption makes it more demanding than other options.

Speed Pizza is perfect for if you own a:

  • Restaurant

If you are running a restaurant, pizza is a must in your menu list. Along with heavy demands, it can give you good profit. And it’s very simple to cook. You can prepare it from scratch with your dough or get the dough from some well-known pizza brands and cook the end product with your recipe.  As it can be started with just minimal investment, add your own ingredients and ideas to start with if not yet. And your pizza will be ready in less than two minutes. You can easily serve 20 pizzas during every shift, and even double that number if you use a stackable SPEEDPIZZA.

  • Pizzeria

Now serve pizza even outside of your usual rush hours with Kitchenrama Speed Pizza. Save important amounts of energy due to its low energy consumption feature and can turn off your traditional oven to bakers keep cooking pizzas without help from a specialized pizza.

  • Sandwich Booth

Add Pizzas to your regular offerings easily and conveniently! You can create classic pizzas with pre-made ingredients or can create a sandwich pizza.

  • Caterer

Add more life to your catering with a wide range of PIZZAS that can be made in this wonderful machine! It’s easy to carry and operates on minimal energy. So in whichever event, you are having the option of pizza, make it rock with this compatible commercial pizza oven machine.

There are many other places where you can use it. Think just beyond and make this pizza oven a real companion for long success.

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Mr. Vikas Suri
Founder and CEO of Kitchenrama