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Hot Dog Grillers

You can see hot dog Grillers commonly at convenience stores and concession stands nowadays. Being the most popular street food among every age group now, it can easily add to your daily sales. Moreover, cooking in front of your customers makes it more exciting for them. You can not only cook hot dogs but also other types of food including taquitos, egg rolls, and veg rolls. Thus it can be more multi-purpose than any other type of snack equipment on your counter.

Some Reasons to Introduce Hot Dog Grillers in Your Commercial Kitchen:

  • Cook hot dogs evenly browned.
  • Cost more than hot dog steamers.
  • Can cook anywhere from 10-75 hot dogs at a time.
  • Are good for convenience stores and cafeterias that want to offer self-serve hot dogs.
  • Can be multi-purpose – also work well with taquitos and egg rolls.

Hot Dog Grillers at Kitchenrama:

Whether your customers are grabbing food on the go or slowly savoring the taste, hot dogs make great buys and menu add-ons. Our hot dog machines heat up fast, take very little space, and last for years to keep your profits rolling. Plus, you’ll find hot dog sneeze guards, accessories, and supplies you need at a reasonable price at Kitchenrama.

Switch to a New Range of Hot Dog Grillers with us

We have a large selection of hot dog grillers, bun cabinets, Food shields, and more! They quickly heat up and are easy to clean.

Roller Grill Small:

Roller Grill Small

Dimensions: 19.7″ *19.57″ * 10.19″

Roller Grill Mid-Size:

Roller Grill Mid-Size

Dimensions: 24.7″ *19.57″ * 10.19″

Roller Grill Large:

Roller Grill LargeDimensions: 34.2″ *19.57″ * 10.19″

Bun Cabinets:

Bun CabinetsDimensions: 19.75″ *20.94″ * 9.5″

Bun Cabinets:

Bun CabinetsDimensions: 24.75″ *20.94″ * 9.5″

Bun Cabinets:

Bun CabinetsDimensions: 34.25″ *20.94″ * 9.5″

Food Shields:

Food ShieldsDimensions: 21.93″ * 8.2″

Important Features:

  • Separate temperature controls for front and rear heat zones
  • New style cabinet – able to switch from flat to slanted and vice versa, front or rear counter
  • Alternate feet height spacers included – adjusts roller grill angle to approx. 4 degrees or 8 degrees
  • Stainless Steel Drip Tray

For complete details of an entire range of high-quality and commercial hot dog grillers, contact us at Kitchenrama. There is no order minimum and we accept orders for all business sizes, from small restaurants to big hotels.

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