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No matter what kind of food service business you own or planning to open, having a fully functional commercial refrigerator is the first thing required for your day-to-day operations. As commercial refrigeration is so commonly and frequently used device in your restaurant kitchen, you should choose the best option that can handle your consistent requirements, maintain the temperature, less maintenance required, and offer you the ease of use. Instead of commercial refrigerator price, emphasize its functions, its shelf life, and usability for your business.

Nowadays there is the best Refrigeration Equipment available in the market for Food Storage, Cooling, and Preparation Needs, and extremely useful for the HoReCa business. For instance: Upright chillers, freezers, bar units, display chillers, island units, glass door refrigerators, and more. You should be careful while choosing the right one for your business as what’s appropriate for one setting may not work for a different kind of establishment. Things like volume, space, voltage, refrigerator type, frequency, and business size are all things to consider when choosing a commercial refrigerator freezer for any food service business.

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Let’s explore a few of these factors and discuss the details that go into buying the best commercial refrigerator for your business:

  1. Types of Commercial Refrigerators:

You can find the most extensive range of commercial refrigeration equipment tailored to every hospitality need.

A) Upright Chillers

Upright chillers are the most convenient way of storing and preserving food. The upright cabinet ensures easy storage for all your raw, cooked, meat, poultry, and other raw materials in your commercial kitchen.

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Upright chiller advantages:

  • Food grade stainless steel SS304
  • Digital display controller on door
  • Eco-friendly refrigerant
  • Odor-less operation due to continuous air circulation
  • Removable gasket for easy clean
  • Adjustable tray slides
  • Uniform cooling by forced air circulation
  • Tropicalized for high ambient temperatures
  • Self-closing doors
  • B ) Upright Freezer

The upright freezer stores food vertically, it takes up less floor space in your place than the horizontal chest freezer. If you have limited space in your restaurant kitchen an upright freezer is a good choice. Furthermore, with a range of products varying in doors, dimensions, finishes, and temperature ranges, nowadays you can find the perfect upright freezer to suit your needs.

Upright freezer advantages:

  • Perfect for restaurants and kitchens where space is limited
  • Consist of an upright display cabinet, so easier to locate things
  • Adjustable Shelves
  • Complete Automatic
  • Auto Defrost Technology
  • Fan Assisted Cooling
  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • C) Combi Units

A combination refrigerator and freezer unit is an all-in-one storage solution to get all your fresh ingredients close at hand while having convenient access to your frozen foods as well! Designed to stand up to commercial use, combi units generally keep a stainless steel interior top, sides, back, and floor.

Combi-Units Advantages:

  • Space Saver
  • Ease to Convenience
  • Energy efficient
  • Variable temperature setting
  • LED interior lighting
  • Automatic defrost system, automatic condensate evaporator
  • D) Undercounter Chillers & Freezers

Undercounter Chillers & Freezers are the best way to optimize space at your bar or restaurant. They are compact, they are powerful, and can fit almost anywhere without blocking too much space. A perfect option to delight your guests with under-counter refrigerators designed to help you serve in style.

Undercounter Chillers & Freezers advantages:

  • Compact and Less Space
  • Manage Everything Perfectly
  • Easy to Clean
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Perfect defrost for efficient cooling
  • Specially coated evaporator for long life
  • Cleanable and replaceable door gasket
  • Customer-friendly design

    E) Drawer Type Units

Refrigerator drawers are fridge and freezer models that fit underneath countertops in place of cabinets. These compact units fit in the space of a traditional cabinet and slide outwards just like a regular cabinet drawer door.

  Drawer type unit advantages:

  • Specially coated evaporator for long life
  • Cleanable and replaceable door gasket
  • Perfect defrost for efficient cooling 
  • Customer-friendly design
  • Adjusted to limited space
  • Perfect to keep a different kind of food
  • Saladettes

It is important to prepare unheated meals at the lowest possible temperature. Saladetteis not only a safe option for cooling products to be processed but also useful for preparing salads and other cold dishes faster.

Saladettes advantages:

  • saladette preparation counter with a hinged lid and a polypropylene chopping board
  • Bottom-mounted motor to enable use where space is limited and suitable for use in high-temperature areas
  • Heavy-duty construction Interior and exterior of high grade
  • Ventilated cooling system Suitable for high ambient
  • Self-closing doors
  • Capacity for 6 x 1/3 x 100mm pans (not included)
  • Recessed door handle
  • Radius interior corners for easy cleaning
  • Digital controller and display
  • Blast Freezers

A blast freezer is just a freezer that is very cold. The idea of this type of freezer is to very rapidly bring down the temperature of (usually) foodstuffs or fresh produce, freezing them very quickly. They are widely used in the frozen food industry for things like iced cream, pre-prepared meals, and vegetables or fish. A lot of commercial kitchens also use them to preserve their food.

Blast Freezers advantages:

  • Preserving the quality of the food products
  • Rapid reduction of temperature prevents any reproduction of the microorganisms
  • Soft Chilling
  • Hard Chilling
  • Help in increasing the menu choice 
  • Fulfilling the food safety standards
  • Make extra smooth ice creams and sorbets
  • Quickly cool down baked goods
  • Brand Value

Like most of the other products, the brand name matters for commercial refrigerators. You can see a lot of commercial refrigerator manufacturers or commercial refrigerator suppliers, but important is whom you can trust. Some brands are going to focus on producing the highest quality units; other brands will aim to provide uncompromised value at the best possible price. Hoshizaki Commercial refrigerators are well-known and trusted names that are worth putting your stock in.

  • Warranty

Nothing lasts forever, and even the best refrigerators need maintenance or timely service. Knowing what each brand offers for warranty and service will help you choose the reach-in that’s right for you. Or you can look at the after-service assistance on commercial kitchen equipment offered by your supplier.

  • Size

We have very much discussed this point in types of refrigerators. Your business size (in terms of customers, and space availability) helps you get the perfect choice for your business.

  • Decide on Condenser Location

Condensing unit is the part that works to keep your food stock cold. Reach-ins come in two flavors: top-mount and bottom-mount. Bottom-mount units offer you greater ease of cleaning and maintenance, better accessibility to food stock, and lower strain on the unit in hotter conditions. On the other hand, top-mount configurations don’t trap as much dust and debris, and they don’t blow hot air into the cabinet when the doors are opened. So you can weigh the options and decide which is better for your business.

While there are lots of options for commercial refrigeration equipment in India, it is pretty much clear that finding a perfect one for your business is quite daunting and important too. Being a key element of every kitchen, appropriate refrigeration equipment create all the difference to productivity and quality whether it’s a high output base kitchen or live counters at a five-star eatery.

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