How To Get Direct & Prompt Response Of Your Spare Part Needs?

Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Your restaurant kitchen is full of equipment, which runs day and night to serve your customers and brings out profit for your business. Commercial kitchen equipment has a key role as it ensures continuous supply along with maintaining the safety and compliance in your kitchen so that when a customer gets his food, it is all the way hygienic as well as tasty, and as per your restaurant standards. Have you ever thought about if any of the equipment gets faulty or stops working then what will you do? Is there any backup equipment you have or everything is upon the mighty God’s deed?

Generally, keeping a backup system can be quite an expensive option if you are not dealing with a large scale. That’s why; we would recommend you take care of your spare parts at regular intervals so that you will never need to face any downtime situations ever. It is also a good idea to keep backup spare parts to handle all unforeseen situations and to keep your kitchen running all the time.

Enjoy Super-Fast Service for All Your Spare Needs

We all know all appliances need regular maintenance to cross the general wear and tear phase. Check your appliances weekly or monthly based on their condition and long-running equipment. In case, you trace a fault in any spare part, you can order it through Kitchenrama, a leading supplier of commercial kitchen equipment in India. We guarantee you super-fast service for all your spare parts needs.

To ease your commercial kitchen equipment spare parts need and get a super-fast response along with delivery,

We request you please quote the correct part along with this information:

  1. Manufacturer’s Name
  2. Model
  3. Serial Number
  4. Description or Item

We also provide assistance in identifying the correct parts and Service Manuals or Parts Diagrams / Breakdowns.
After getting your request, we will send you a quote very soon. Remember:
All quotes requests include:
Discounted price,
Part availability: (in stock) or days to get part from Manufacturer.

We offer OEM Spare Parts only and we use the same manufacturer part identification # in all invoices.
After the approvals, the product is shipped to you.

For shipping
Same-day shipping available for In-Stock parts
If the part is not in stock, shipping time is 12-15 business days

You can use your own DHL, TNT, FEDEX, and UPS account or ask us for shipping quotes pan India. Also, to make an order you have to pay all amounts in advance. We accept NEFT / RTGS, Cheques, or Cash deposits in our Bank account.

Kitchenrama is also very active in the arena of Food Service Equipment for any kind of commercial establishment requiring a kitchen namely hotels, bakeries, fast food joints, bars, coffee shops, catering units, industrial canteens, Retail Outlets, etc. Working with us gives you the advantage and convenience of obtaining diversified equipment & product from one highly dependable source.

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