Commercial Popcorn Maker vs Microwave Popcorn| Is Your Business Missing Right Popcorn Maker?

Commercial Popcorn Maker

Nothing beats the aroma of freshly popped popcorn while you are entering a theatre, watching a movie, roaming in a park with your dear ones, or walking on a road especially if there is light rain.

Surprisingly, popcorn is now no more considered just a movie-time snack. Over the past years, Popcorn has seen 126% value growth by 2016 and further growth is anticipated in the sharing market. Gradually, popcorn as a snack is experiencing a boom all around. Indeed, people can locate popcorn sellers easily at their day-outs as it may be sporting events, festival celebrations, parks, beaches, schools corner, local markets, or any public place along with your favorite movie place.

Do you ever think why we all get fascinated by popped popcorn? The answer could be very simple – its aroma, which makes us feel its superb taste along with healthy and time-pass snacks. However, we can make popcorn in our home itself yet it tastes different when we buy it from outside.

Commercial Popcorn Maker vs Microwave Popcorn

The difference is their popping process or cooking equipment. The outside popcorn sellers use commercial popcorn makers to pop the popcorn. It may not just perfectly pop your kernels but also give them a uniquely tasty flavor and tempting aroma. Instead, if you opt for microwave-cooked popcorn, it will be neither too aromatic nor much tastier.

Apart from this, it is harmful to pop the kernels inside ovens. According to one report from FDA, a chemical coating used in microwave popcorn bags breaks down when heated into a substance called perfluorooctanoic (PFOA). This substance has been identified as likely to be carcinogenic by environmental protection agencies. Multiple reports indicate that it can cause cancer in humans. So, it’s better to adopt other styles of popping.

If you are looking for a popper for commercial purposes then you should buy some good quality commercial popcorn makers to meet the demands of commercial or large supplies.

The other benefits of Commercial Popcorn Makers are popping larger batches of fresh popcorn, delicious taste, and different flavors, and helping to promote impulse sales. Alternatively, if you choose a pan or some domestic version of popping, it could be messy as well as severely limit the amount that you can deliver.

On the other hand, commercial popcorn makers are available in stylish designs to attract merchandise and food and ultimately increase the number of customers. In addition, these machines are strong and reliable as you can cook continuously for several hours a day.

Another doubt that may come to your mind is these machines are a little costly to start with them. But, consider it a one-time investment that requires little or no maintenance and can give you large profit margins for a very long time.

As you know kernels are available at a very low cost. The other flavors are also available at cheaper prices. Hence, the cost of manufacturing can be really brought down. Only the initial outlay of a machine at the beginning needs a certain investment and then you may exceed the margins by over 100%.

These are very strong reasons to buy a commercial popcorn maker. If you belong to the food industry or planning to start your own food business, you may contact KitchenRama before purchasing any good quality commercial kitchen equipment. Based on your requirement we will guide you appropriately on which equipment to buy and how to install it at your premises.

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Mr. Vikas Suri
Founder and CEO of Kitchenrama