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Combi Ovens

Combi ovens are 3-in-1 ovens that are widely used today in commercial kitchens for a variety of good reasons. This type of oven allows the users to cook foods in different modes including dry heat convection, steam, or a combination of both. It is used in commercial kitchens as the best alternative to convection and steamer oven and its usage reduce the time required for cooking and is effective for money and space-saving. If you need a combi oven in your commercial kitchen, then you will find many great deals offered by Combi Oven Dealers in Delhi.

Three Options for Cooking in One Single Oven

  • Steam Cooking –

    For this way of cooking water is injected and it is ideal for cooking recipes that are traditionally boiled or steamed individually. This cooking option is good for fish and even for steamed vegetable dishes.
  • Convection Cooking

    – In this way of cooking heat is circulated around the oven just like domestic ovens at home. This heat circulation ensures even cooking and is best suited for pastries, pizzas, bread, and also for searing meats.
  • Combination Cooking

    – This way of cooking ensures your dish has the benefits of both worlds. This is the unique characteristic of the combi ovens which have been adopted by commercial kitchens across the world. Both steam and dry heat are used in combination and the automatic mode of the oven ensures the right amount of moisture is supplied for food to get cooked optimally. This allows you to cook food at a higher and more humid temperature in less time without the risk of burning the edges or getting shrinkage.  

What are the Uses of Combi Ovens in Commercial Kitchens?

  • Meat Cooking

    – It is estimated that about 1/3 of the total weight of the meat is lost during conventional roasting as the natural moisture is reduced during the process. So, the gentle flow of steam in a combi oven reduces the shrinkage risk and weight loss, thereby allowing customers to enjoy tender and fuller joints every time. This is why it is widely used today in commercial kitchens
  • Fish Cooking

    – Steaming is well-accepted for cooking fish as it helps maintain the unique flavors and valuable nutrients of fish while adding the benefits of less shrinkage. The steam injected in the process ensures that the fish won’t get dry or breaks so the customers like its taste and flavors
  • Vegetable Cooking

    – Vegetable cooking in the steamer instead of boiling is always beneficial as it retains the nutritional value and the natural coloring of the vegetables. This is the other use of combi ovens in commercial kitchens and it is popularly used.
  • Pastries, Pies, and Bread-

    The combi oven is not restricted to only vegetable, meat, and fish cooking; instead, the convection mode of the oven can help achieve the crisp finish of baked products like bread without burning the edges.

These were some of the uses of combi ovens in a commercial kitchen and if you are looking for the best model approach the Combi Oven Dealers in Delhi.    

Mr. Vikas Suri
Founder and CEO of Kitchenrama