8 Effective Measures To Make Your Kitchen A Cooler

Imagine a busy day in your restaurant. Clients are coming back-to-back and ordering all the delicious dishes and your chef is cooking them in front of that burning pan. A client likes your dish so much that he wants to offer a special trip to the chef and hence he asks you to call the chef. Now you don’t want your chef to meet your client in wet attire that is stinking and full of sweat, do you?

 That’s why kitchen cooling is essential. Kitchens for the hottest places in the entire restaurant. Especially in summer, we can’t even imagine a minute without an air-conditioner. But then think of those chefs standing in front of those frying pans day in and day out. This is why you need to take certain measures to cool down your kitchen and keep your chefs satisfied and efficient in their work.

Eight effective measures to keep your kitchen cool

It is crucial to keep the kitchen cool, especially in the burning summers, to ensure the safety and efficiency of the chefs. So, here are eight effective measures that you can take to keep your kitchen cool and the productivity of your restaurant high.

1. Have less light in the kitchen

 Having a lot of light sources is one of the contributing reasons for unnecessary heat in the kitchen. If you have many light devices in your restaurant kitchen, you will feel a lot of heat. However, reducing your light sources and having only one light source can decrease the heat you experience.

 2. Air Circulation

 If you want to make your kitchen cooler, a certain amount of air circulation is strongly needed. The logic behind this is simple; having more air circulation will replace the hot air inside the kitchen with fresher air. Consequently, you will experience the kitchen temperature drops, making the place cooler.

Another key crucial point to keep in mind is that never place an obstruction in front of your kitchen windows because it will stop the fresh air from coming inside. Keeping the windows free from obstacles will ensure proper cross ventilation and enable cooler air to come inside and hence maintain a constant cycle. Ultimately make, the place will get slightly cooler.

3. Install exhaust fans in your kitchen

 It is critical to throw the hot day out of the room into the atmosphere. This job is done efficiently by the exhaust fans. If you place exhaust fans above grills, stop once they ensure that the hot air does not stay inside the room. Due to this, the heat inside the room will decrease, resulting in the place getting cooler.

 4. Make sure you have auxiliary fans

 Unfortunately, many restaurant kitchens don’t have a fan. However, it is crucial to have a fan in the kitchen because it can systematically increase the ventilation and allow the hot air to get pushed out of the room. Another benefit of fans is that they help reduce the heat by circulating the air inside the kitchen. So, they help keep the place reasonably cool by decreasing the intensity of heat that the chefs feel. That’s why you must have a fan inside your restaurant kitchen.

 5. Hydration

Proper hydration is also very important to ensure that your chefs don’t faint in the hot summers. Having a water cooler or loves your chefs and waiters to stay hydrated and energized, which in turn gives you an effective performance from their side. Cooling the heat inside the bodies of your staff is equally important as cooling the external heat.

 Hence, ensure that you have a water cooler or an electric dispenser to keep your staff cool and productive amid the burning heat of the kitchen.

 6. Air Conditioning or HVAC

 No matter how many times you drink water or how many exhaust fans you have but nothing can take the place of an air conditioner or HVAC system. An air conditioner in the kitchen can instantly cool the room and decrease the heat inside it. An HVAC will also allow the chefs to keep food at an optimal temperature for a long time. Moreover, it also helps to control the dust and the quality of the air inside the kitchen. Hence installing an HVAC is an optimal option if you want to make your kitchen a cooler place.

 7. Shade your windows

While sunlight is healthy, in Summer, it’s terrible to bear the heat of the sun, especially in a place like a restaurant kitchen. The solution that will help to prevent sunlight from entering the kitchen windows is to get your windows added with a dark color.

 You can also install curtains or shutters as alternatives to shading. This is a prominent measure you need to take if you consider keeping the kitchen cool.

 8. Open windows in the morning & at night

This is a cliche, but many people ignore it completely. It is equally important to open your windows in the mornings and the evenings when the temperature of the atmosphere drops. This lets the fresh air get inside the room and hence decreases the heat and temperature and elevates the mood of your employees at the same time. 

In a nutshell, cooling your kitchen is prominent to ensure that your chefs stay happy, healthy, and productive. Have fewer light devices inside the kitchen, and get your windows shaded or install curtains to prevent sunlight from getting inside your kitchen. Install an auxiliary fan in the kitchen if you don’t have and also make sure that you allow cool and fresh natural air to enter the room in the mornings and evenings. Lastly, ensure proper air circulation inside the room, get an HVAC installed if possible and ensure that your chefs and waiter stay hydrated throughout the day. If you take some or all of these eight measures, you will make your kitchen and chefs cooler. Connect with Kitchenrama for more latest updates.

Mr. Vikas Suri
Founder and CEO of Kitchenrama