5 Concession Equipment You Must Have

Concession Equipment

Did you know that concession stands can turn up to 94% of profits on concession food items like cotton candy, shaved ice, hot popcorn, hot dogs, and sandwiches? So, if you are looking for a highly profitable business idea, a concession business is one of the best options you can invest in. Even though these foods are high in sugar and fats, people usually love to grab them unconditionally.

The best thing is that concession food items require very less production and operating cost, yet they give huge margins. However, high-profit margins in concession stands will not only make you profitable, but the selection of the right concession equipment is also equally important. You need to club the right set of concession equipment in your concession stands so that you can prepare tasty food items in no time without any unwanted breakdowns.

Kitchenrama is one of the leading supply stores for all your concession equipment requirements in India. We’ve been in business since 19xx, and are proud to sell top industry brands like Gold Medal concession equipment. We also provide training in proper usage of the equipment along with tips on how to use and care for this equipment to help you be a success.
In this blog, we have listed a few popular names of concession equipment to use in your own concession store.

Popular Concession Equipment 

 Gold Medal Popcorn Machines 

There’s something about the buttery fresh smell of popcorn that will draw customers from near and far. Kitchenrma has got popcorn machines for every budget, ranging from small 4 oz. machines up to the twin, 52-oz. kettle size that can supply a movie theater or large sports arena.

 Gold Medal Cotton Candy Machines 

With profit margins ranging from 87 to 94 percent, cotton candy gives you the most bang for your food-cost buck. Made of regular white granulated sugar with a touch of flavoring and food color, cotton candy costs very few cents, however, sold with good profits.

Nacho Machines 

Nachos practically sell themselves, and add-ons like chili, cheese, and jalapenos are an easy upsell! You’ll have guests lined up around the block, and coming back for more! These are also great ways to boost soft drink sales!

Topping Dispensers 

Topping dispensers keep your soft drinks, and ice creams running smoothly. Shop our selection or let one of our food service professionals know if you need something more specific.

Hot Dog Grillers 

We offer a large selection of hot dog grills, hot dog steamers, and bun warmers, which all heat up quickly, and are a cinch to clean, making them easy to use and maintain.
The above list of concession equipment may not bring huge margins but are a great way to enhance your visitors’ experience. So, are you ready to make your event more profitable with us?
When you choose us (Kitchenrama) as your concession supplier, you’ll also get decades of expertise at no additional charge! Visit us online and fill out the contact form to send your query. Let us help you start your concession food business!

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