Topping Dispensers are a great solution to serve and display the wide range of food items in front of your customers only. There are plenty of reasons to start using our food dispensers. Whether you are running a food business, BPO and MNC or even school/colleges, topping dispensers are the perfect solution to serve food in a hygienic way as food never comes in contact with human hands. Another reason to buy topping dispenser is it saves the environment by dramatically cutting your plastic and paper consumption.

Why You Should Use It?

  • No Food Wasted
  • Food Stays Fresher Longer
  • Free Kitchen Space
  • More Hygienic
  • Exact Portions
  • Saves Money

Our Most Popular Range of Topping Dispensers

Coffee Dispenser:

The coffee dispensers are best suited to Cinema, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, and Café. It has elegant style featured with a wide and rich variety of design options, to be filled with ground coffee, instant coffee, or any other coffee powder. Equipped with high-class functionality, creative and modern designs.

Cereal Dispenser:

The cereal dispensers are best suited to hotels, caterers, stores, restaurants, and retailers. Our cereal dispensers are best fitted for all cereal brands are the optimal way to dispense cereal in a manner that is hygienic, esthetic, fresh and with style. We have a wide range of models, mechanism, and designs.

Click Dispensers:

The click dispensers are best suited to Coffee & Tea Shops, Shake Bars, Ice cream parlours, and Spice Shops. Our Coffee, Sugar, Spices and more are available with free standing. These are user-friendly, so customers can easily pour any amount of sugar/coffee/spices they need without any trouble.

Multi X -Topping Dispenser:

The multi X topping dispensers are best suited to every business or even can be used at home. With five different manually adjustable portions to choose from, you’re guaranteed to meet the needs of everyone, no matter how unique they are.  It is suitable for hundreds of different toppings in different sizes with manually adjustable portions.

For more information on topping dispensers, please write your queries to Kitchenrama at  With us, you can get a unique range of food dispensing solution for commercial, retail, and private requirements. Utilizing only the highest-quality materials and applying exceptional detail to design, we provide both standard and customized topping dispensers. With an eye to innovation, design, and functionality, all our dispensers are easy to use and keep the food fresh and hygienic for long hours.

To buy your favourite topping dispenser an expert consultation, you can contact us here. Stay tuned to our Facebook page.

Written by Vikas Suri
Mr. Vikas Suri, the founder and CEO of Kitchenrama is a veteran in hospitality sector with over four decades of experience. He started his career in hospitality with Oberoi Hotels and moved on to a German firm selling Commercial Kitchen lines in India. Later, he joined WIMPY’s marketing division and established it as one of India’s first fast food chain. He then moved to the US where he got some valuable experience in selling Commercial kitchen equipments across the world. In 1996 he decided to move back to India and founded his first company. KITCHNRAMA, founded in 2003 is one of the foremost commercial kitchen equipment providers in the country today. Mr. Suri’s has spent years planning kitchens in hotels, restaurants, cinemas and catering units all across the world. His philosophy of achieving excellence through knowledge and honesty makes Kitchenrama what it is today – a company known to serve the best, to the best. His biggest asset is his never say die attitude and an insatiable appetite to grow…