Planning a new venture of food and restaurant is highly dependable on a good range of the commercial kitchen equipment. Their sleek and powerful design allows them to operate continuously. The food industry is growing every day and hence you will find several restaurants, cinemas, hotels, resorts, and coffeehouses in the market to serve you delicious food in no times.
Every foody will like to go in a place where quality is served with fast delivery. Only commercial kitchen equipment can meet these demands instead of residential cooking appliances. The most important requirement to run a professional kitchen is having the appliances that are able to provide non-interrupted service for long hours with high-temperature cooking.
Without having a right commercial range of cooking products, your delivery system cannot be smooth. A lot of difficulties can arise which works as a road block for the success of any food venture such as food can perish, bad taste, delay preparations, an ordinary look and much more. This is what creates the need of the quality range of commercial kitchen equipment.
Still not convinced to go for commercial kitchen equipment? Here, we are sharing top reasons to invest in all commercial Kitchen Equipment.
1. Right size for Right Quantity
Make a wise decision to choose the equipment that is adequate to serve a number of people in a time. Definitely, residential equipment will not carry out this purpose. So, make the right decision for the right number.
2. To Maintain the Quality of the Products
The suppliers understand the need of commercial kitchen that is the durability, the versatility of the cooking equipment as they will be used continuously. Regular continuous frying, stirring, and heating may damage the product if it is of low quality. So, it’s better to choose the heavy metals like stainless steel and iron equipment for the longevity of the cooking products.
3. To Maintain Safety Parameters
Safety measurements is also an important part while choosing the commercial products over residential. It needs to ensure that no one gets injured while working with them. You should keep an eye on necessary safety features like heat guards and finger protections in the danger areas of the kitchen.
4. Faster Cooking Experience
All Commercial Kitchen Equipment are designed to meet the demand of professional kitchen like supply more heat continuously and efficiently so that faster cooking can be experienced for the nonstop supply. Along with that, they should occupy the heavy insulated handles. These handles help us getting a cool touch and experience the pleasant cooking with faster supply in the food area of the restaurant.
5. To Meet with Commercial Cooking Rules
There are certain cooking rules for cooking equipment in hotels, cinemas, and restaurants. Commercial Kitchen Equipment helps to meet the predefined standards to get insured for disasters like fire happen in cooking or sitting area. Insurance Adjusters and actuaries know very well how to keep up the quality standards. Residential products can never meet with the commercial demand and heavy usage of them may offer a big uncertainty. So, to avoid the loss of your customers and business you might as well invest in the suitable range of commercial kitchen equipment according to your requirements.

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Written by Vikas Suri
Mr. Vikas Suri, the founder and CEO of Kitchenrama is a veteran in hospitality sector with over four decades of experience. He started his career in hospitality with Oberoi Hotels and moved on to a German firm selling Commercial Kitchen lines in India. Later, he joined WIMPY’s marketing division and established it as one of India’s first fast food chain. He then moved to the US where he got some valuable experience in selling Commercial kitchen equipments across the world. In 1996 he decided to move back to India and founded his first company. KITCHNRAMA, founded in 2003 is one of the foremost commercial kitchen equipment providers in the country today. Mr. Suri’s has spent years planning kitchens in hotels, restaurants, cinemas and catering units all across the world. His philosophy of achieving excellence through knowledge and honesty makes Kitchenrama what it is today – a company known to serve the best, to the best. His biggest asset is his never say die attitude and an insatiable appetite to grow…