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For holiday parties, corporate events, informal gatherings, and birthday celebrations Caterers, Party Planners or Event Planners seek ideas that are fresh, unique, affordable and are superlatively fun. One such idea is opening a popcorn bar. Getting a variety of fresh gourmet popcorns in a dozen flavour is a fun-loving and easy way to get the party started among all age groups. So this summer introduce a popcorn bar for your clients, be it a family function or corporate gathering, to give them a great crunchy experience.

Kitchenrama is here to make your holiday party or a corporate event a big SUCCESS! In this article, we have included some ideas on how to make your popcorn bar an extra fun activity:

Popcorn Bar Party Ideas:

  • Like any other party theme, you can have a popcorn “bartender” who can dress like a traditional bartender attire and serve the gourmet popcorn flavours to your guests.
  • Inform your guests about flavours, offer them choices. You can customize the flavours or display of popcorn according to your party theme.
  • Include signage at the entrance that says “Fresh Popping Flavours – Just for You”. Use font and design, props whatever fits with your theme.
  • Display the various colours and flavours of gourmet popcorn in clear jars to create an enticing visual effect. Make a large batch of white popcorn and a small batch of red and green, then add just enough of the colour popcorn to reflect the holidays.
  • Use traditional red-and-white striped popcorn bags and striped tablecloth for the display, or customize everything to your theme with coordinated theme colours.
  • Give a seasonal touch, such as having an umbrella above the popcorn jar with few sunglasses ahead in front of it. Or if you are doing it in winters – you can decorate the space with snowmen and related accessories.

3 Popular Gourmet Popcorn Flavors for Corporate Party Themes – Why can’t popcorns be served as an appetizer or replace a dessert? Yes, it certainly can with our new savory flavours like caramel cheese and sweet ones like chocolate.

1. Chocolate Drizzle: Crispy popcorns coated with rich chocolate is the perfect gourmet flavour that you just can’t stop eating. Bring it to your kid’s birthday celebration or family gathering with chilled drinks.

2. Caramel Cheese: All-time favourite gourmet popcorn for every event type. Be it your kids birthday, any official gathering or a bigger corporate event, it fits everywhere. Pair it with a cold beer or chilled coke or any of your favourite drinks.

3. Mexican Chipotle: Tangy and spicy pepper flavoured popcorns will keep your guest asking for more. It will be a perfect choice for all age group who like spicy and fit well in summer with chilled drinks.

You can also try Glaze Pop®, which is another way to add flavours including chocolate, cherry pink, and red cinnamon!

No matter which of these ideas you pick for your celebration, it is always a good idea to serve the most aromatic and fresh popcorns right-in-front of your guest to enjoy and pop the party. This extra delight will make the memories of your amazing event last a little longer. To host a perfect fun-loving popcorn bar, call us at 9810138158 or mail us at mail@kitchenrama.com.

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Written by Vikas Suri
Mr. Vikas Suri, the founder and CEO of Kitchenrama is a veteran in hospitality sector with over four decades of experience. He started his career in hospitality with Oberoi Hotels and moved on to a German firm selling Commercial Kitchen lines in India. Later, he joined WIMPY’s marketing division and established it as one of India’s first fast food chain. He then moved to the US where he got some valuable experience in selling Commercial kitchen equipments across the world. In 1996 he decided to move back to India and founded his first company. KITCHNRAMA, founded in 2003 is one of the foremost commercial kitchen equipment providers in the country today. Mr. Suri’s has spent years planning kitchens in hotels, restaurants, cinemas and catering units all across the world. His philosophy of achieving excellence through knowledge and honesty makes Kitchenrama what it is today – a company known to serve the best, to the best. His biggest asset is his never say die attitude and an insatiable appetite to grow…