Commercial Popcorn Maker

Popcorn is a healthy, tasty, a lot-of-fun and a quick solution of your food cravings. Be it a child, boy and girls, or any elder age people, everyone likes this all-time favorite snack. The fun of watching a movie or going to picnic with friends is totally incomplete without having a tub of popcorn in your hand. Due to so much popularity, you can easily find this snack everywhere. Therefore, it has a lot of commercial potential if you are looking for something profitable food business.

You can also run your food venture in popular places like Clubs, Stadiums, Hospitals, movie theatres, multiplexes, Schools, Day Care Centers, Picnic Spots, Market areas or other popular crowdy areas as it requires a less investment and higher profits. However, you should select the right fit of equipment to meet the demand of public and easy regular maintenance. Some of the basic things that you need to check before ordering are production capacity, maintenance, warranty details, and service life etc. Let’s dig deeper to know how to choose the right size for your next food venture:

Size of Commercial Popcorn Maker

First of all, estimate your daily potential customers. Figure out that how much big level you want to start it. After that, you need to check with a supplier that how long it takes to supply a one-ounce serving. Based on that, you can take your decision.

Check the Operating Procedure

Once you finalized the size of popcorn maker, check its operating manuals/instructions carefully. It will help you to easy operate. Here, we have defined the basic operating procedure for reference:

  • Turn on the warming deck switch/kettle switch
  • Assemble all your ingredients – kernels, oil, salt/seasoning
  • Open the lid of the kettle
  • Pour all ingredients
  • Close the lid
  • Let the popcorn maker work on it. Wait for the completion of the cycle
  • Empty the kettle
  • Always switch off the machine after using the machine


It is also an important aspect to maintain the hygiene and safety level of your commercial popcorn maker. Check with supplier how you can clean it. The most of the commercial equipment follows a very simple process of cleaning.  It is suggested to do a boil out with Heat n Kleen. As a quick tip, you can use glass cleaner for cleaning the outer surface of the machine.


Commercial Popcorn Maker always comes with a warranty from the manufacturers. Check prior its warranty details from the manufacturer that will it be replaced or repaired. Also check, the warranty is available online or offline.

Hopefully, these few tips will help you to choose the best fit for your next food venture. So, be ready to pop some fun with tasty and delicious corns in your food business. You can find a vast range of commercial popcorn maker with Kitchenrama. We have a vast range of poppers like Poppers 6 Oz, Poppers 8 Oz, Poppers 16, 18, and 32 Oz etc. To know about the details of these products, please call us here to speak with our experts.

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Written by Kitchenrama
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