Coffee Makers

For most of us, the best way to start our day is with a hot brewing cup of our favorite coffee. Some of us prefer to make it at home and some enjoy the real flavours at a coffee shop. That’s why your coffee makers or machine should be the one that can maintain the flavours of coffee and give an excellent experience. After all, it’s all about ‘the perfect brew’ for coffee enthusiasts.

Enjoy the real taste of freshly brewed coffee with the new range of coffee machines at Kitchenrama. Get ready for an unmatched experience with our most popular models – Tanya 01/SAE and Tanya 02/SAE. Before getting into details of these two products, let’s discuss what you should look for in your coffee maker at the time of buying:

  1. Type of Coffee Machine
  2. Capacity
  3. Smart Functionality
  4. User-Friendly
  5. Speed of brewing
  6. Cost and Value

Always check these specifications before buying a coffee maker for your home, office, or your food venture. If you are a restaurant owner or a boutique coffee shop, take time to find out your customer’s preferences. You can definitely go for our highly popular coffee maker for a long-term solution.

Let us look at the features of each coffee maker in detail.

Tanya 01/SAE

This is a semi-automatic, made in Italy coffee machine.

coffee machine


Tanya 02/SAE

This is another semi-automatic model of coffee machine with below specifications:

semi-automatic model


Standard & Technical Features of Tanya Coffee Maker:

  • Volumetric Closing (Single or Double Shot)
  • Automatic Water Refills (A.W.R.)
  • Internal Motor Pump
  • Water Softner
  • The model is available from 1 to 3 groups in the semi-automatic and electronic version.
  • Body with panels in stainless steel and in painted steel.
  • Boiler and pipes made in copper.
  • Double gauges for boiler and pump pressure control.
  • Pilot light indicating the water level in the boiler

If you are looking for that authentic taste and nostalgic aroma you have to make a switch to these coffee machines. The experience is phenomenal compared to the conventional coffee makers. But if you are still confused, you can write your queries at or call us at 9810138158.

You can also contact us here to get a call back from us. To check the full range of commercial kitchen equipment, please visit our website. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more updates on commercial products.

Written by Kitchenrama
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