Commercial Kitchen Safety

What is your top priority when you buy any commercial kitchen equipment? Is it price, warranty, brand name, look, voltage, capacity or something else? One thing that you may be missing is to look for Safety and Compliance. Do you look at the safety features before buying any equipment so that it could be safe for your team and kitchen? It is quite painful when you hear the news of a restaurant fire causing human and resource loss. Sometimes the loss can even be worst.

So, don’t you think ‘safety’ should be your first priority to reduce the risks in your restaurant kitchen?  In this article, we are sharing the top 5 commercial kitchen safety checklist that you should take care of:

  1. Risk Assessment: The first point of commercial kitchen safety checklist should be the risk assessment. Look at the risk factors associated with your kitchen. In the worst situation how much it can cost to your business. And then plan further or get help from experts. Look at the available kitchen space, choose equipment with built-in safety features like ventless and food safe.
  2. Design and Installation according to the Rules: Your kitchen should be designed and installed according to the approved compliance/standards. Also, we would recommend to examine the exhaust area and choose only hoodless and ventless equipment to avoid risk.
  3. Choose Certified Cooking Equipment Only: Check all security certification associated with the equipment so that you can be assured of its safety standards. Don’t go for low priced and low-quality products because it may cost you more than you think.
  4. Look at the Built-in Safety Features: You should also check built-in safety features that may prevent a mishappening with a clear signal or alarm. For e.g. before buying a deep fryer, it is recommended to check the safety features like ‘temperature control’ to avoid overheating. Do not buy cheap fryers that don’t indicate the oil temperature.
  5. Regular Maintenance Check: There should be well-defined guidelines and schedule for daily and weekly maintenance checks. The equipment around the facility should be placed in a way that it doesn’t harm other kitchen tools. For eg: leakage of gas from your refrigerator can cause a fire if a deep fryer is right next to it.

That’s why it is highly advisable to buy your commercial kitchen equipment that follows the accepted guidelines of safety and compliance. Kitchen equipment are the base for any kitchen. You should only buy the certified products. Hopefully, you will follow these commercial kitchen safety checklist for your next buy.

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Written by Kitchenrama
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