Are you looking for some ventless and hoodless solution for all your frying requirements? Autofry deep fryer is a quick solution and fully-enclosed for complete safety in the high-volume catering and restaurant environment. All models are fully automated and equipped with a fire suppression system. Moreover, these are affordable, safe, ventless, user-friendly, fire-proof and commercial deep fat frying alternative to meet heavy restaurant requirements.

An automated deep-frying system even helps you to pump up your profits by expanding the menus with including high-profit items such as fries, onion rings, chicken tenders and more. As it doesn’t require to install costly hoods and vents separately, so you can create a profitable and portable commercial kitchen in no time.

Let us discuss the top 5 reasons to choose auto fry:

  1. Fit to any Size: From larger to extremely small, these autofryers can be fitted even in an extremely small space. So, would be a perfect choice for restaurants.
  2. Highly Reliable: It has 20 years of proven dependability with only three moving parts and Eld-tested.
  3. Immediately Profitable: AutoFry is extremely economical to operate since it has no vents or hoods.
  4. Proven Track Record: AutoFry clients include the industry leaders within the pizza operator, bars, convenience store and movie theatre markets worldwide.
  5. Industry Leadership: MTI invented AutoFry over two decades ago and now represents the gold standard in ventless deep-frying technology.
  6. Extremely Safe: ANSUL fire suppression technology is in built in all models. In addition, the fully enclosed and automated process eliminates any employee exposure to hot oil.

So, are you ready to create a profitable, portable kitchen with autofry? Just follow these 3 simple instructions to get a hoodless and ventless frying solution:

ventless frying solution

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Written by Vikas Suri
Mr. Vikas Suri, the founder and CEO of Kitchenrama is a veteran in hospitality sector with over four decades of experience. He started his career in hospitality with Oberoi Hotels and moved on to a German firm selling Commercial Kitchen lines in India. Later, he joined WIMPY’s marketing division and established it as one of India’s first fast food chain. He then moved to the US where he got some valuable experience in selling Commercial kitchen equipments across the world. In 1996 he decided to move back to India and founded his first company. KITCHNRAMA, founded in 2003 is one of the foremost commercial kitchen equipment providers in the country today. Mr. Suri’s has spent years planning kitchens in hotels, restaurants, cinemas and catering units all across the world. His philosophy of achieving excellence through knowledge and honesty makes Kitchenrama what it is today – a company known to serve the best, to the best. His biggest asset is his never say die attitude and an insatiable appetite to grow…