replace your refrigeration system

Commercial Refrigeration system is one of the most used devices for every hotel, cinema, and restaurant industry. Being a most used devices of all seasons; every restaurant owner wants his device to work efficiently over the years for smoother running of his food business.

Any of the successful business owners never wants to face such situation of replacing their walk-in coolers or commercial refrigerators at any point of time. Although it is the most important device of food business yet it’s not possible to afford its replacement regularly for anyone.

In case, any problem arises in your old refrigerator, the first thing may come in your mind is repair instead of replacement. However, replacement can be a good option sometimes as compared to go for repairing it again and again.

Anyhow, if you choose repair instead of replacement, it will only increase your maintenance cost. Thus, it’s better to pre examine the actual condition of your refrigerator.  And if it is the time to replace and you instead choose repair, it may impact your pocket on costly repairs, lost stocks, high utility bills, and chances of damage again and again.

Replacing or Repairing

Replacing seems a little bit more costly one time. However, it will give you long term benefits. Still, before replacing or repairing your old commercial refrigerator, point out these signs that may indicate the need of replacement.

1.Higher Utility Bills: All of a sudden, if your utility bills started to increase steadily than it could be a danger sign for your utility devices. One reason could be the diminishing of insulation. As it affects the heat, so device gets heated very quickly and very much. In this case, cooler tries to fix this insulation by providing cooling effects continuously and hence utilise extra energy.

It directly impacts your utility bills. Thus, if you get a huge hike in your bill from the last months, check the thermostat or motor as it causes the cooler to use more energy as compared to regular.

2.Ice or Frost Building: Extra ice or frost building in the cooler is also could be a signal of replacement. This happens due to extra moisture that accumulates the ice. Often, extra moisture is caused by air leakage between cooler components or panels.

3. Regular Leaks: Seal Damaging is also an insecure or risky situation as it leads to water leakage and puddles. Stagnant and standing water also give birth to mold and mildew including ice accumulation. It hampers your stored food as well as originates many health problems.

4.Fluctuating Temperatures: This could be one of the major problems to replace your freezer as cooler always works to regulate the temperature. It also invites all above stated problems. Temperature fluctuation is a symptom of many cooler problems such as insulation failure or a broken thermostat.

5.Food Spoiling before Its Expiration: In case your perishable food spoils before its expiry date, surely it is a symbol of operating problems within the cooler.

Any of the above sign is a clear indication that your commercial refrigeration system needs some technical assistance. It is the time to consult with commercial equipment technician to inspect cooler or other internal parts and if it seems a major replacement of internal parts then it should be better to replace your old freezer with a new commercial walk-in cooler.

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Written by Meenakshi Goyal
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